You've been sent to the world which is between the living, and the dead. Cities and forests, which look familiar are now filled with darkness. Lead your character through hazardous environments using dozens of different abilities. In Soulrun life is also your currency, pick wisely!

Metroidvania speedrunner with quests, story, unlockable abilities and hand-crafted epic dark themed levels. Your Life Essence is also your currency, use it well when visiting the nearby Soothsayer Kiosk.

Unlock new abilities, characters, and secrets by assembling the best build for your runs to come. Master the controls, familiarize your enemies and head for the grand prize. Your soul.


  • Roguelite
  • Story-based platformer with unique characters
  • Death Shops which offer dozens of different abilities to choose from
  • Explore the hand-crafted beautiful lands between the dead and the living
  • Atmospheric and dark themed art style
  • Life is your currency, choose your actions wisely.
  • Fast paced platforming in hazardous levels




Updated 29 days ago
StatusIn development
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Boss battle, Metroidvania, Speedrun

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Very nice looking game! I do feel like the life/currency should be introduced to the player better, because I had no idea what I was doing in the start. The platforming is good, and the player character feels floaty. The sound effects are also smooth and snappy.

Played for a while, had lots of fun! The art style has a really strong pallete, I'd maybe just swap the font for a more pixel looking one. The jump feels a bit weak, but the wall jumping is lots of fun. I like the effect of going back to the start of the level when you die, but it feels slow and frustrating when you've advanced a lot. 

Oh hey, thank you VERY MUCH for the comments! <3 I will absolutely take a look into your suggestions right away. :)

We just added some nice fixes for the game, would be great if you have the time to try it again! Currently looking for more "pixelated" font and aiming to make the death travel system more faster.