Next step for Superube

Greetings all!

The development of Superube has been on hold for some time now because of lack of time. (Or bad time management?) I just stumbled upon Scirra forums, where I noticed that Superube has gained a lot of positive comments in the feedback section. (See it here: )

So because of this, I'm hyped for the project yet again! Hearing thoughts from other developers and/or players is always motivating and this done it real good!

I'm looking for changing the character of the game to be more part of the story which I've been writing. I want the game to have easily understandable story, but still as surprising as possible. Because the game will be really short (approx 2 hours to play through) I want the ending to be memorable.

So the "slimy" Superube guy will soon be history and I'm thinking of something more... Let's say unique.

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